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Panel 1: Two trainers are seen in silhouette on the roof of Ash’s house. A woman with exceptionally long hair, and a man holding a rose.

FEMALE: To protect the world from devastation!

MALE: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Panel 2: They leap dramatically off the roof, and are seen clearly. They wear white uniforms with red R’s emblazoned on them.

FEMALE: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

MALE: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Panel 3: They land, gracefully as an assassin.

Panel 4: They straighten up in dramatic poses.


MALE: James!

Panel 5: They pose in front of a surreal background, including a giant R against a starry space background.

JESSIE: TEAM ROCKET! Blast off at the speed of light!

JAMES: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Panel 6: A Meowth leaps off the roof too, as if pouncing upon pray.


Panel 1: Meowth takes its place at the center of the fanciful display, paws raised menacingly, with a grin on its face.

MEOWTH: Meowth, that’s right!

Panel 2: Ash doubles back in surprise, Pikachu furrows its brow.

ASH: It’s Team Rocket!

PIKACHU: Duh! But why are they here?!

Panel 3: Ash waves at them, thrilled.

ASH: I haven’t seen you guys in years! It’s great to see you again!

Panel 4: James shifts back, astounded and annoyed. The rose hangs loosely out of his hand. Jessie raises her fist in rage.

JAMES: That’s not quite the reaction I was going for.

JESSIE: You should tremble in fear of the Team Rocket Motto!

Panel 5: Pikachu looks up at Ash, still outraged. Ash is still star-struck.

PIKACHU: Ash, did you forget these guys are real pains in the ass? Even if they do get sent flying when you tap them on the shoulder.

Panel 6: Meowth brandishes his claws in fury.

MEOWTH: Hey! I heard ‘dat, ya’ yella’ rat! Why dontcha’ come say ‘dat ta’ my claws?!


Panel 1: Pikachu crosses his arms and smirks sadistically at Meowth.

PIKACHU: Cute. The cat-freak thinks he can take me on?

Panel 2: Ash scratches the back of his head, smiling cheerily.

ASH: I didn’t think you guys missed me. Did you come here to see me?

Panel 3: James closes his eyes and holds the rose to the side of his face, in a graceful, arrogant pose.

JAMES: Yes, that’s exactly why we’re here. We came to see you, or more specifically, your Pokémon.

Panel 4: Jessie reaches out towards the sky and smiles.

JESSIE: So hand them over twerp, or I’ll have Arbok squeeze them out of you.

Panel 5: Ash hunches forward and sighs.

ASH: Are you still doing the whole crime thing? I thought you’d have learned by now.

Panel 6: James grins, and a sparkle is seen on his teeth.

JAMES: Deviation is in our education!


Panel 1: Jessie daintily holds the back of her hand against her cheek and laughs.

JESSIE: It’s been awhile, boy, but now that our leader has returned, Team Rocket is back and ready to do what it’s always done best.

Panel 2: Pikachu leers at them.

PIKACHU: And what’s that? Blasting off? One shock from me will send you sailing into the next region.

Panel 3: Meowth grits his teeth and shudders with rage.

MEOWTH: ‘Dis mouse should close ‘is trap!

Panel 4: James tilts toward Meowth curiously, Meowth brandishes his claws.

JAMES: Meowth, what’s it saying?

MEOWTH: He’s askin’ us for a face rearrangin’, and Santa Claws here is ready ta’ deliva’!

Panel 5: Team Rocket advances.

JESSIE: Put your Poké Balls down, nice and smooth, before we have to get rough.

JAMES: And we’re real tough when we get rough!


Panel 6: Ash smiles meekly, sweating and shuddering slightly.

ASH (VO): I can’t believe I’m happy to see them. I feel strangely… excited. Like I haven’t felt in a long time.


Panel 1: Ash turns to Pikachu, with his hands shaking.

ASH (VO): I’ve got to make this last…

ASH: Pikachu, go easy on them…

Panel 2: Jessie and James throw their Poké Balls.

JESSIE: There’s no backing out now. Go, Arbok!

JAMES: Cough it up for Weezing!

Panel 3: Arbok and Weezing charge. Arbok’s mouth is wide open, fangs bared. Weezing pushes forward releasing smog through its pores.

Panel 4: Meowth joins them in their lunge, with his claws out.

MEOWTH: You’ll regret tanglin’ wit’ ‘dis Tom cat, Jerry!

Panel 5: Ash throws down his hand, directing Pikachu at Team Rocket. Pikachu’s cheeks spark.

ASH: Pikachu, Thundershock!



Panel 1: Team Rocket and all of their Pokémon are bathed in lightning.


SFX: Krrzz krzzz KERCHAK!

Panel 2: The badly charred Team Rocket are all sent flying skyward amid stray lightning bolts.

TEAM ROCKET: Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off agaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnn!!!!

Panel 3: Team Rocket disappears in a flash over the horizon.

SFX: Ding!

Panel 4: Pikachu crosses his arms and looks very proud, as Ash looks up at the sky looking disappointed, still shaking slightly.

PIKACHU: That was the weakest attack I could use. I hope they didn’t die.

ASH: That really didn’t last long.

Panel 5: Ash closes his eyes and inhales.

ASH (VO): I really thought beating them would’ve felt… better.

Panel 6: Ash exhales.

Panel 7: Ash grabs the doorknob and turns it.


Panel 1: Through the open doorway Ash sees a Team Rocket Grunt standing next to Ash’s mother Delia, who is in the many arms of an Octillery.

ASH (OC): Mom?


Panel 2: The Rocket Grunt holds out his hand in a “stop” gesture.

ROCKET GRUNT: Don’t move! Unless you wanna find out what an Octazooka attack will do to your mother at this range?

Panel 3: Ash stands perfectly still.

ASH: This… was a trap?

Panel 4: Five more Rocket Grunts emerge from different hiding places around the living room.

Panel 5: The Rockets jeer as they surround Ash.

ROCKET GRUNT 2: That’s right!

ROCKET GRUNT 3: Lucky those show-boats outside didn’t give it away.

ROCKET GRUNT 4: I thought you gave them the wrong address?

Panel 6: We see Ash from above, surrounded by the six Rocket Grunts.

ROCKET GRUNT 1: You’re completely surrounded, and we’ve got your mother hostage. Put your hands up, and no one will have to get hurt.


Panel 1: Ash puts his hands up.

ASH: I surrender! Just don’t hurt anyone!

Panel 2: The Rockets laugh.

ROCKET GRUNT 2: Good to see you understand, kid!

ROCKET GRUNT 4: That was unexpected.

ROCKET GRUNT 3: Stay still while I collect your Poké Balls, or you know what’ll happen.

Panel 3: Pikachu watches Ash carefully.

PIKACHU (VO): Ash won’t lose this way. We prepared for a situation just like this, and came up with a way-

Panel 4: Ash still has his hands up, but he has a determined expression on his face.

ASH (VO): To give an attack order, without a verbal command.

Panel 5: Pikachu watches Ash’s feet.

PIKACHU (VO): I’m watching, Ash…

Panel 6: Ash taps his heel against the ground twice.

SFX: Tap tap

PIKACHU (VO): Two times…


Panel 1: Ash slides his foot forward very slightly.

PIKACHU (VO): Forward,

Panel 2: We see that Delia and the Octillery are straight ahead of Ash.

PIKACHU (VO): At Octillerry. Attack # 2 is…

Panel 3: Pikachu launches Thunderbolt at Octillery.

PIKACHU: Thunderbolt!


Panel 4: Octillery is thrown off of Delia by the lightning, Delia dives to the side.

Panel 5: Octillery hits the wall, already unconscious, its body smoking.


SFX: sizzle

Panel 6: The Rocket Grunts back away.

ROCKET GRUNT 1: Impossible!

ROCKET GRUNT 3: The Pikachu attacked by itself?


Panel 1: Ash calls out to Delia.

ASH: Mom, hide!

Panel 2: Delia dives under the table while the Rocket grunts all throw their Poké Balls.

ROCKETS: Get him! Go!

Panel 3: 5 Raticates and 7 Golbats fill the room.

Panel 4: Ash points forward and Pikachu jumps over his head, with sparking cheeks.

ASH: Pikachu, Thunder Wave!

Panel 5: The Rockets and all of their Pokémon are overcome by electric waves.


Panel 6: They all fall to the floor, twitching.

ROCKET GRUNT 1: I can’t move!


Panel 1: A paddywagon shows up with a few Officer Jennys.

CAPTION: 15 minutes later…

Panel 2: The Jennys book the Rocket Grunts and load them into the paddywagon.

Panel 3: Ash is sitting on steps leading up to his room, and Delia hugs him tightly. Despite this, he just stares off into space.

DELIA: Ash, you saved us all. You were so brave. I’m very proud of you.

ASH: It was nothing.

Panel 4: Delia kisses Ash on the cheek.

Panel 5: Delia backs away from him.

DELIA: You’ve had a really long day. You probably want to up and get some rest now.

ASH: Yeah.

Panel 6: Ash is in his dark room, hanging up his hat and jacket.

PIKACHU: Big day, huh?

ASH: Was it really?


Panel 1: Ash kicks off his shoes.

PIKACHU (OC): You had that battle with Gary, almost talked to Daisy,

Panel 2: Ash sits on the bed pulling off his socks. Pikachu sits on the bed next to him, smiling.

PIKACHU: You sent Jessie and James and Meowth packing, always good for a laugh.

Panel 3: Ash pulls off his gloves.

PIKACHU: And we used our secret military-type signal in actual combat to save your mother from imminent tentacley danger.

Panel 4: Pikachu curls up on the foot of Ash’s bed as Ash hangs his belt full of Poké Balls, (3 Poké Balls, 1 Ultra Ball, 1 Master Ball) on a hook on the wall.

PIKACHU: Most people would consider that a full-schedule.

ASH: We’ve done all that before.

Panel 5: Pikachu rolls the Light Ball back and forth on the bed.

PIKACHU: And that freaky kid did give us this ball o’ awesome! That was good!

ASH (OC): Sure, we could always get stronger, but what’s really the point? There’s no one who can take us now.

Panel 6: Ash starts unbuttoning his jeans.

ASH: Why’d I even get out of bed? Is there nothing left for me to do?



Panel 1: Ash’s jeans fall on top of Pikachu and drape over him.

ASH (OC): Give it a rest!

SFX: Frump!

Panel 2: Ash gets under his covers. Pikachu yawns.

SFX: Chaa!

Panel 3: Close-up of Ash lying back in bed.

ASH (VO): In life, all everyone tries to do is move forward, and become stronger. But I feel like I’m just sitting here, frozen in time. If I can’t move forward, can it be called living?

Panel 4: Ash tilts his head toward a window, Pikachu is curled up fast asleep at the foot of his bed.

ASH (VO): Is there anywhere left to go?

Panel 5: We see Felix on the bench on the cliff overlooking Pallet Town.

Panel 6: Felix watches the paddywagon carrying the Rockets leave town.

FELIX: The strongest Pokémon trainer…

Panel 7: Felix gets up off the bench, a curious look on his face.

FELIX: But a very weak person.

New People:

Jessie and James:[link]

Everyone knows who they are. In this continuity, Jessie and James were forced to take a break from organized crime after Team Rocket's leader dissappeared upon being defeated by Ash.

Delia Ketchum: [link] Ash's very popular mother.

Rocket Grunts: [link] Footmen of Team Rocket.

Officer Jenny: [link] A hardworking police officer. All throughout the Pokemon world there are many identical police officers. They are all identical and they are all named Jenny.


Pikachu: [link] You know who it is.

Meowth: [link] A cat Pokemon often associated with money and shiny things. The Meowth that travels with Jessie and James has learned to speak (with a Brooklyn accent) and can act as a translator for Pokemon.

Arbok: [link] a vicious poisonous Cobra Pokemon. Jessie recieved it as an Ekans for her birthday.

Weezing: [link] A poisonous Pokemon filled with assorted noxious gases. Perfect for a quick smokescreen.

Octillery:[link] An octopus Pokemon known to spray ink and water, and constrict with its tentacles.

Raticate: [link] A rat Pokemon Evolved from Rattata.

Golbat: [link] A poisonous, blood-sucking bat Pokemon.


Thunderbolt: A strong electric attack.

Thundershock: A weak electric attack.

Octazooka: A rare attack that fires high-pressured ink.

Thunder Wave: A move that paralyzes its target with electricity.

Wanted Advice____________

Basically, is it interesting? Does it flow well? Is Ash sympathetic?

Most of all, I want to know if you feel like my interpretation of Jessie and James is faithful to the show.

And whatever else you think needs help.

General Comments_____________

I'm anxious, hoping that my interpretation of Jessie and James lives up to everyone's expectation of them. I changed quite a bit of this half from the written version some people saw, but I hope people will let me know right away if something doesn't work.
chatroomfreak Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008
"A paddywagon shows up with a few Officer Jennys."

I love how you can just liberally throw in a handful of Jennys.
Nekorin-Gatacat Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist

Oh right, I have to link to a picture of Jenny in the comments. :O

Officer Jenny is very funny.
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