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Metatron- Battle Mode Lineart by Nekorin-Gatacat
Metatron- Battle Mode Lineart
Metatron, the Voice of God, in his battle-ready mode.

According to folklore, Metatron is the ascended form of Enoch, the first of only 2 humans to become angels. He serves as God's spokesperson and is regarded in old traditions as the highest of angels.

In my story, he becomes the ruler of Heaven after quietly removing his only superior, Seraphiel. He is ruthless and is not above bending the rules in order to maintain strict tradition. However, he is sincere in his devotion to God. 

Behind Seraphiel and Michael, he is the 3rd most powerful angel. He bears the Sephora of Crown and had 72 other names which he uses as disguises. 

After activating his halo, Metatron can summon soldiers or hazards from all over the afterlife via the 4 gates. His most powerful attack opens the central gate and calls upon the light of God Himself.

When in this form, his halo is called the "Universum Mandala Aureole," but I think I will change that name...

When not in battle, Metatron appears in this form.…
Sketches-Metatron and Jehovah by Nekorin-Gatacat
Sketches-Metatron and Jehovah
Metatron in battle mode, and two versions of Jehovah. I'm pretty happy with him, except his wings of light attached to his halo still need to look cooler.
Conceptualizing-Seraiah/Seraphiel by Nekorin-Gatacat
Despite being a fairly simple concept, I have a lot of trouble getting this character to look right...
Conceptualizing-Anthony Frederickson by Nekorin-Gatacat
Conceptualizing-Anthony Frederickson
This character has proved very hard to pin down for some reason...

The middle, and especially lower right are closest, lol.

I'm slowly learning what little changes in eye shape and jawline do to a character.
Some time had passed since the 1001st night, when Scheherazade had finished her last story. So touched by the wisdom of her tales, King Shahryar renounced his daily executions and took Scheherazade as his wife.

As we know, they were to live happily, until the day that the destroyer of delights and severer of societies came to claim them as he does all, and returned them to the Kingdom of the glorious Allah.

But there were many normal days for the royals to spend before then. On one such evening, Scheherazade’s sister, Dunyazade, spoke thus: “My dear sister, I hope you won’t think it a macabre notion, but there is a part of me that misses the days when you would while away the hours regaling us with one of your tales until dawn.”

At this notion, the King Shahryar raised his eyebrows with keen interest, and Scheherazade heaved a sigh. “Well sister,” she said. “I have used up all the good ones that I knew. But I have heard a new story since then, one that seems more like gossip than a proper tale.”

Shahryar and Dunyazade both asserted there was nothing better for them to do, so once drawing forth assurance that she wouldn’t be executed if the story displeased them, Scheherazade began.

“I have heard, o happy king,” she began, “that in the West, there reside great flocks of iron-fashioned rukhs. Painted with the flags of their home countries, these birds carry great masses of travelers, who enter its stomach through a hole in its throat, like that of those men who over-indulge in smoke. After being fed oil through a giant tube, it carries the people into the sky with a piercing shriek. Seeing all the wondrous sights of the land and sky through the rukh’s many eyes that adorn its sides, the travelers are afflicted with great boredom. The great height casts the people into an intoxicated stupor, but they reside on thrones so designed that they cannot relax. They are served by maids and eunuchs, often of great beauty; of a banquet that pleases none of them.

“The rukh is manipulated by riders who reside in its head, and take hold of the strings of its brain. It is of such great speed that it can bridge anywhere in the world to furthest China in a day.

“When it arrives, the bird expels the travelers in a mass birth. Despite sitting still the entire time, most of them are exhausted to fainting by this process.”

The dawn had not yet come, as it was only a short story, but Scheherazade still lapsed into silence.

“That wasn’t much of a story,” said Dunyazade. “More like an ethnographical piece.”

“I don’t think I have over-promised. If I’d had forewarning, I’d have prepared a different one,” said Scheherazade.

“Something for tomorrow, perhaps,” said the king. “But as for the uncomfortable seats and the displeasing banquet, could this not be circumvented with gold?”

“Your majesty is wise in the ways of the world,” said Scheherazade.
1001 Nights: The Iron-Fashioned Rukh
Today in Arabian Nights class we were asked to read an Arabian Nights fanfic by Edgar Allen Poe called "The 1002nd Night of Scheherazade." In it, Scheherazade presents a lost voyage of Sinbad, and describes the modern world in fantasy terms. Shahryar finds it so ludicrous he decides to kill her after all.

We were then asked to describe a modern object the same way. I was reluctant to choose an airplane as I thought it obvious, but I relented, and the result turned out pretty funny. The 4 other members of my group suggested many of the motifs. As the story was popular in class, I added an intro and outro to the main body and submitted it here. I hope they don't think I've ruined it! 
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Whomever among you may remain.

I have been doing quite a lot, but nothing in the way of finished works. 

Do you prefer to see lots of unfinished works that I may later scrap to prove that I am alive, or more far between finished works? 

Do you like seeing the same work appear multiple times in different stages of completion, or is your inbox full enough with only the final product appearing?

Let me know!


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